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FA Cup 3rd round, Man Utd vs Liverpool

January 9, 2011

I managed to watch a bit of the FA Cup 3rd round match between Man Utd and Liverpool. It’s always a big game between those two and it wasn’t anything less today. Just yesterday Liverpool and Roy Hodgson went their separate ways by mutual consent and Kenny Dalglish has been appointed caretaker.

Liverpool has been going through a slump lately so they badly needed a result. And Man Utd are what they are.

With Howard Webb, MBE refereeing it was sure that is was going to be a cracking game. Two big decisions turned the game:
1. The penalty. Was it one or not? Agger may have touched Berbatov but was it a penalty? Since it was still in the first minute, if I was Webb I would have let that one go as it wasn’t a clear cut penalty.
2. Stevie G’s sending off. Was it a red card? Again this is borderline. This is the same referee who didn’t give Nigel de Jong a red card in the World Cup final so maybe he’s making up for that one? Stevie G should have been given a yellow, but I don’t think he deserved a red for that one. On top of that Webb should have seen the whole picture as well. Liverpool down by a goal, sending off their captain would have made things worse.

At least Liverpool played more cohesive, unlike their previous games. But they are still missing some things. For starters, they are missing Torres. Sure, he’s on the pitch but he’s not the same guy he was last year. And they are missing a Xabi Alonso/Mascherano type player. Then there are the smaller things like not having a solid defense and a good bench.

Post match, Ryan Babel got into trouble for tweeting a picture of Howard Webb photoshopped in a Man Utd jersey. He might even get a fine from the FA. I guess the FA does not have a sense of humour anymore.

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