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Luis Suarez

January 28, 2011

The deal is done. After hard negotiations, Luis Suarez is leaving Ajax for Liverpool in exchange for EUR 25M (+ EUR 1.5M bonuses). It’s a great piece of business for Ajax and Suarez, altough I would prefer to see him go in the summer. He left without winning a championship and it is a shame as he was the player that could have won Ajax the championship.

How good is Suarez? As an Ajax fan, I will say Damn Good! At Ajax he scored 111 goals in 159 matches. Not a bad average. His assist rate is also very good (can’t find the figures). Last season he scored 49 goals in 48 matches and became Europe’s top scorer. And during the World Cup he didn’t do bad either. Based on his and Forlan’s performance before the World Cup I boldly wagered some money for Uruguay to get into the semifinals. Not a lot of people believed me, but in the end I was right.

He became (in)famous for his handball save against Ghana. Any other footballer in his position would have done the same, so I don’t see what the fuss is about. His biting incident is a one-off. In the beginning he tended to dive and fall over at the faintest of touches, but he’s much better now. And when he plays he always gives 110%. Always want to win and can score goals and lift the team up even if he is playing badly.

That Liverpool has bought him is interesting. Even though they are a great team in a historical sense, things have not been good for them recently. They are struggling in the Premier League and didn’t play Champions League. I can’t see them ending up in the Top 4 by the end of the season (probably 6th behind – in no particular order – Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, Spurs) which means no Champions League next year either. Torres isn’t happy and their defense is bloody awful.

Maybe Suarez will help Liverpool get back into the Top 4. I sincerely hope it for him. He has always given his best for Ajax, he deserves much better than just plodding mid-table in the Premier League fighting it out against Blackpool and Bolton.

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