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Top 25 players of 2010

February 27, 2011

After the 2010 Ballon d’Or debacle, Back Page Football did a feature polling the Top 50 Players in the World in 2010 with votes coming in from bloggers and fans. They asked bloggers and fans to give them the Top 25, to show what the fans think and how the results compared to the Ballon d’Or.

The call for votes were done via twitter, so I voted as well. The results have been announced last week and I though it would be apt to show you what my votes were.

Here are my Top 25 Players in the World, as submitted to Back Page Football, with short comments on each of them. As 2010 is a World Cup year, achievements made during the World Cup are also counted towards a players performance. Therefore anyone involved with England, Italy and France are automatically excluded. A player cannot be in the Top 25 if they had such a horrible World Cup.

25. Sergio Busquets. He who is pivotal for Barcelona and Spain and one of the reasons Yaya Toure went to Man City.
24. Romeo Lukaku. Teenager of the year 2010.
23. Samir Nasri. Found his groove at Arsenal and was clever enough not to be part of France’s world cup shambles.
22. Bryan Ruiz. The most important player in FC Twente’s championship squad.
21. Gareth Bale. Welsh wizard.
20. Ryan Giggs. Man Utd still depends a lot on this old winger.
19. Diego Milito. He was the one scoring most of Inter’s goals.
18. Cristiano Ronaldo. A really really good player yet he didn’t win much in 2010.
17. Luis Suarez. His goals kept Ajax in the title race until the last day and impressed during the World Cup.
16. Thomas Mueller. Maradona did not know who he was before 2010, but surely knows him now.
15. Arjen Robben. Amazing first half of 2010.
14. Gonzalo Higuain. Pretty much written off at Real Madrid, yet still is their main goalscorer.
13. Philip Lahm. Probably the best full-back in the world in 2010.
12. Iker Casillas. Saint Iker is probably the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment. Captained Spain to World Cup.
11. Bastian Schweinsteiger. Ex-winger excels as holding midfielder for club and country.
10. Diego Forlan. Led Atleti to Europa League title and Uruguay to World Cup semis.
9. Mesut Oezil. Did wonders at Werder Bremen, did wonders for Germany and seamlessly fitted into Real Madrid.
8. Gerard Pique. Best defender in 2010, also handy as a striker.
7. Maarten Stekelenburg. Most underrated player, his saves kept Ajax in the title race and were crucial for Netherlands in the World Cup.
6. Mark van Bommel. Plays on the limit for the first minute until the last minute.
5. Lionel Messi. Best player in the world in my opinion, but didn’t have a great 2010 in terms of prices.
4. Andres Iniesta. Definitely one of the best midfielders.
3. David Villa. Scores goals wherever and whenever he plays.
2. Xavi. Last time he lost the ball was in 1995.
1. Wesley Sneijder. See my earlier post.

So there you have it, my Top 25 for 2010. I am sure I missed out some players but it is though to remember a full year of football.

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